How the new version of Wazuh 4.3 is more user-friendly?

Figure 1 Wazuh 4.3

Wazuh server

Wazuh indexer

Figure 2 Plugins
Figure 3Wazuh agents
Figure 4Agent data
Figure 5Security Events Dashboard of an agent
Figure 6 MITRE attack dashboard
Figure 7 MITRE Attack Intelligence
Figure 8 MITRE Attack Framework
Figure 9 Vulnerabilities tab
Figure 10 Platform Management
Figure 11 Discover
Figure 12 Expanded document — Discover
Figure 13 Visualize data — Discover
Figure 14 Custom Dashboards
Figure 15 Report creation
Figure 16 Cloud Security Monitoring

Mac OS agent improvements

Continued Support for Elastic Stack, Splunk, and Open Distro

Easy integration



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