Cryptography can be defined as the study of techniques which are pure mathematical in nature, related to aspects of information security such as, data integrity, data origin authentication, entity authentication, and confidentiality. By transforming the information into an unreadable format, cryptography helps in protecting the information. It is…


One of the greater risks associated with significant growth and use of Information Technology interwoven with the internet is Cybercrime. An alarming increase in cyber-criminal activity over the years has forced organisations to take defensive measures and always use up to date technologies for the same purpose. The current…

What is Notepad ++?

Notepad ++ is a source editor and is an extension of the software Notepad provided by default in the windows environment. Notepad++ supports several languages which helps the developer to code efficiently. Notepad++ is based on the Scintilla which is an editing component used Windows Win…

OSINT Facebook Techniques

What is Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular website for social networking, which enables anyone to share online images, comments and videos. The platform, was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 while he was enrolled at Harvard University, allowing its members to use it without any kind…

Japan started whaling operation after the 30-year ban and was criticised globally for this decision. Japan halted its commercial whaling activities in 1986 but still did under the name of scientific research.

Previously, countries such as Iceland and Norway which are major players in the whaling industry has been hacked…

I. What is IPV6

According to Cisco ” Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), which is the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IP) that uses packets to exchange data, voice, and video traffic over digital networks, increases the number of network address bits from 32 bits in IPv4 to 128…

1.mkdir :- mkdir command is used to create an empty directory.

Syntax:- mkdir <folder name>

2. cd: — cd command is used to change the directory.

Syntax: — cd <directory name>

Varul Arora

CTIA | Love cybersecurity, completed MSc in Applied Cyber Security from Queen’s University Belfast. Twitter : @AroraVarul

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